Catania tradition

Since the Arabian domination, the granita is the favourite dessert in Sicily during summer. Refreshing, light and extremely tasty, it is suitable for every chance: you can have it at breakfast, at lunch, at dinner too. The granita in Catania is typical for its creamy density, the several tastes such as pistachios, almond, black mulberry, peach, strawberry.
You can taste it in avery part of Catania.

Pasta alla Norma

A masterpiece

Pasta, tomatoes, aubergines, olive oil, basil and salt ricotta are the ingredients to prepare this famous course all over the world. There are different ways to prepare it. Its name comes from the Sicilian comedy writer, Nino Martoglio, when he tasted and compared it to the famous Vincenzo Bellini’s Opera, he said : “ It’s a Norma!”. You can order in the best Sicilian restaurants, trattoria, bistrot and holiday farm.


Mediterranean culture

This course was born from the mix of Mediterranean tastes and food. It provokes a sensorial experience of all senses with the summer smells. It is famous from north to south, in Sicily it has been recognized as a traditional agri-food. It will be possible to taste it in the best restaurants, trattoria, bistrot and holiday farm.

Sarde a Beccafico

Sicilian specialty

It is the simple remake of a course prepared once in the aristocratic families in the 19th century. The original recipe was done with a warbler but fishermen changed it with the sardines, a cheap fish of the Ionian sea. Its taste is extraordinary, based on a light balance between flavors. It will be possible to taste it in the best Sicilian restaurants, trattoria and bistrot or you can ne adviced by our customer service.

Dried tomatoes

Old taste

This dried tomato is the result of the perfect weather condition in Sicily. It is a sun dried tomato which keep a deep smell and a precise taste; its preparation represents a ritual custom in the Sicilian families. It can be kept in oil, or stuffed and it is prepared by many Sicilian farms. It can be tastes in restaurants, trattoria, bistrot, holiday farm with cheese and local sausages.


Authenticity and tradition

The Sicilian food tradition is famous for its arancino . It is a stuffed rice ball , covered by a frying breading. Its origins are in the Arabian banquet when saffron rice seasoned with vegetables and meat was placed in the middle fo the table. This deliciousness can’t ne told but tasted only. There are different stuff: ragù, butter, mushrooms, spinach and others. It is available in all bar, deli and chip shop.


Food excellance

It is one of the oldest dessert of the Italian pastry-making. Its origins comes back to the Carnival but they could be Arabian or even Roman. Someone says that it is a recipe coming from the cloistered convent. The original creamy stuff was enriched with other flavors. You should taste all of the. You can buy it in the best Sicilian bakeries.